Sunday, April 12, 2009

Old Beijing, New Beijing

Greetings! Ni Men Hao!

On our second to last day in Beijing, we had the opportunity to do some sightseeing around Beijing. We visited some historical sites that represents the history of China, and some new sites that represent modern China.

Here are some pictures of some famous places around Beijing:

The most famous, of course, is the Great Wall!

How long is the Great Wall? Different sections were built in different dynasties by different emperors. What can you find out about how it was built?
Did it really keep the Mongols out?

Rooftops of Old Beijing

Old Beijing Hutongs (narrow lanes between the traditional houses)

Nine Dragon Wall
How many toes does each Dragon have?

Tian An Men Square (the Gate of Heavenly Peace)
Whose picture is in the center over the top of the front arch?

Forbidden City, Beijing

Beijing Opera

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Here is an important historical site that's not in Beijing, but we thought you should see it: Do you know who these soldiers are? Can you find out where you would go in China if you wanted to see them? How old are they? Who created them and why? What else can you find out about them?
Send us a post to this blog when you find out!

Through your research online and in your school library, you can find more pictures and information about these sites and their history. One day you can visit them, too!


Now for some sites from new Beijing:
You can still see the rooftops of some old traditional buildings inbetween all the tall modern buildings!

In many parts of Beijing, there are more cars and buses than bicycles now!
We visited a large local department store...

Then we went to visit the sites of the 2008 Beijing Olympics!
We were so excited to see:
The "Bird's Nest" where all the track and field events were held!

We had to buy tickets to go in...

And it was really fun to be inside!

Right across the plaza was the Water Cube, where
all the swimming events were held!
It looks like big water bubbles! And when it lights up at night, it
turns different shades of blue. Very beautiful.

Here you can see the Water Cube and the Birds Nest, both lit up for the nighttime.

Teachers: Here are three great websites your class should check out for more Global education projects:
This is our last post for our trip to Beijing. However, in August 2009, Alicia be travel to the International Reaing Association Conference in East Africa. She will be meeting lots of teachers from around the world, and will be writing and posting pictures here to this blog! So, check in with this site in August for updates from East Africa and Dubai!
And please write to us and post comments - tell us how you are using the blog, and what you are learning about China!
We hope to hear from you soon.
Zai jian! See you again!
Alicia and Lucy

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