Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Invited to Melaka!

We've been invited to Melaka in Malaysia, to speak about Malindi's Journey at the International Conference on Zheng He ( 郑和)   The conference title is: 

Zheng He and Afro-Asian World 郑和与亚非世界

We are two of  74 paper presenters in total, including people from Australia (2), China (36), Indonesia (4), Malaysia (7), New Zealand  (1), Panama (3), Singapore (3), Taiwan (9), UK (2) and US (7).  

After the conference we will travel to Singapore, and then Nanjing.  We depart on July 1, and will be blogging on our journey.  We are quite excited, and can't wait to begin posting our stories and lots of pictures!  

We are grateful to the Fund for Teachers for supporting our travel.  

Stay tuned!


Brooks said...

Best of Luck on your exciting Journey!

Craig M. said...

I am sooooooooo excited for you both! I hope your presentations have went well! I cant wait to hear how your meetings went with the dignitaries!

L.RyanMiller said...

This is very exciting! Please send me a "blurb" regarding your work so I can share and highlight this with the BPS Community!!! Take Care!!